• Brom's Bug Box

    Hand made museum quality exotic butterfly and animal taxidermy displays made with real wood and other natural materials.   

    Booth Number: 310c Demonstrations: First Hours of show Saturday mornings, will be pinning and spreading insects for custom displays.
  • Broomhilde

    Crafters of fine, handmade brooms, walking stick, and magic wands, Broomhilde has been a cornerstone of the Arizona Renaissance Festival since 2006.   

    Booth Number: 185
  • Chime-a-lot

    Windchimes; stoneware chimes and figurines ( mushrooms, dragons ,birds, and animals ) attached to 100 year old recycled grapevine wood hung with leather or chain. Stoneware wheel thrown mugs with storyline carved drawings. All one of a kind. Also stoneware bells and flowers.   

    Booth Number: 240 Demonstrations: All day.. and apon request have a chime built specifically for the customer.
  • Goodly Woods

    Hand-crafted wooden drinking vessels. Made from Exotic hardwoods from all over the world.   

    Booth Number: 125
  • Staffs By Gust

    Handmade unique walking staffs and canes can be personalized and customized and sized to the individual. Our staffs are made from woods salvaged from forestry projects and forest fires. Customized art work available, all staff's guaranteed for two years signed and dated .   

    Booth Number: 319
  • Whirlwood Magic Wands

    Hand-crafted hardwood magic wands from a duo of fine artists, for witches and wizards of all magical persuasions. Leather wand sheaths.   

    Booth Number: NG-14
  • Wild Vines Woodworking

    Wooden home goods   

    Booth Number: 137B
  • Young At Heart

    Skilled craftsmen at Young At Heart have been making unique, handcrafted toys and personalized gifts since 1980. Our back massagers are made from high quality hardwoods and all our products are finished with non-toxic, childsafe paints and stains. Stop by and pick a personalized heirloom quality gift during your visit to the festival!zkk   

    Demonstrations: All day