• Amsbury's Beads

    Pirate shop   

    Booth Number: 124
  • Apothacoffee Roasting Co

    Apothacoffee Roasting Co is a small batch coffee roastery on wheels. Making freshly roasted coffee for the comfort of your own home while we travel the country. Varieties from all around the world, light to dark roast, certainly something for everyone.   

    Booth Number: 306
  • Bad Badger Horns

    Did you know, horns are one of the oldest forms of drink were? Drink from a beautiful hand painted horn, by Bad Badger Horns! Our horns are treated with a food safe coating for a horn that will last a lifetime.   

  • Bazaare Traders

    Artistic umbrellas and fans, most hand made and hand painted, some made from special papers or lace, many unique designs not available elsewhere. Fun and functional.   



    Booth Number: 135
  • Brom's Bug Box

    Hand made museum quality exotic butterfly and animal taxidermy displays made with real wood and other natural materials.   

    Booth Number: 310c Demonstrations: First Hours of show Saturday mornings, will be pinning and spreading insects for custom displays.
  • Den of Odd

    We hand make paper mache dolls and sculptures. Hoping to capture a little bit of that faire spirit, by using themes based around fairy-tale and folk lore with just a little bit of impending doom just aroud the corner .   

    Booth Number: Th-06
  • Enchanted Images

    Portraits in costumes that go over your own clothes, available in 10 minutes or less.   

    Booth Number: 114, 182
  • Garlic Festival Shop

    HAZZAH! We at the Garlic Festival Shop will continue an 8,000 year old tradition of sharing the Love and Stink of our Garlic heritage. Come sample the spices, pickled garlic, sauces, mustards and more All with a heavy Garlic base that will instantly enhance any dish you prepare at your home. Become an instant Garlic Chef and share your own culinary magic.   

  • Gongfu Life (Caina Tea)

    We offer authentic gongfu-style loose-leaf teas and tea sets.   

    Booth Number: SF-07
  • Goodly Woods

    Hand-crafted wooden drinking vessels. Made from Exotic hardwoods from all over the world.   

    Booth Number: 125
  • Gypsy Fortune Telling

    Fortunes told by some of the most colorful, accurate card & palm readers in the realm!   

    Booth Number: SF-11, TY-01
  • Imaginarium Galleries

    Handcrafted, cable-controlled, shoulder dragons, Drabbits, & mythical creature puppets!   

    Booth Number: 311
  • Lake Fairy Creations

    Fantasy Jewelry and Accessories   

    Booth Number: 208
  • Little Empire

    Lasercut and hand-poured gaming art and artefacts, custom batches of magical items. Wares include Dice Towers, Holders and Jails, Scale Village Booths, Tokens, Maps, Minis, Pins, Stickers and Dice. Brothers Louie and Joe create accessories for tabletop role-playing games and your stories of adventure. If you have a party, bring them to this shop! (DM's Discount available if you have players confirm your DM status)   

    Booth Number: 326
  • Lofton Creations Caricatures

    I draw you in 10 to 14 minutes using graphite 6b lead and for color I use and airbrush.   

    Booth Number: 334
  • Millennial Magick

    Coppered ritual items   

    Booth Number: 126
  • Mythologicae

    Resin fantasy weaponry   

    Booth Number: 203
  • Oakshire's Magical Menagerie

    Fantastical creatures   

    Booth Number: 302
  • Oakshire Oddities


    Booth Number: 303
  • Pyrate's Plunder

    Pirate shop   

    Booth Number: 219
  • Schwartz Fyne Minerals

    We sell collectable rocks, crystals and minerals for novice to refined collectors. We carry everything from tumbled stones to home decor pieces to rare cabinet specimens. We have a gemstone mine that enables people of all ages to experience the thrills of digging rocks with guaranteed satisfaction.   

    Demonstrations: mining regularly
  • SOL PRISMS suncatchers

    SOL PRISMS offers unique, hand beaded, one of a kind pieces . They make wonderful gifts for yourself or for loved ones. The prisms will refract the sunlight, and project rainbows into your environment! Perfect for your home, office, porch, or automobile. We offer all sizes, from small ornaments to the extra large for the biggest brightest statement piece. These suncatchers will bring light and joy into any space, when placed in the line of sunshine. At night we like to refer to them as moon catchers! For even in the night, the light from the moon or your interior will still highlight the magical and beautiful glint of light and color. These prices are created to enhance any environment.   

    Booth Number: SF-15
  • The Horn Shoppe

    High quality, hand-crafted drinking vessels made from real cattle horn.   

  • The Rabbit Hero

    Storyblocks depicting various original, mythological, and historical characters and settings, used to create modular comic book-style sculptures.   

  • The Saucy Wench

    Hot Sauces, Spices, Condiments and more!   

  • Thy Name on a Grain of Rice

    I will hand write your name and draw a design on a single grain of rice. The rice is then placed in an oil-filled vial to magnify and preserve it. Once it is encapsulated, I will set it in your choice of necklace, bracelet, key chain or earrings. You then have a treasured keepsake that was personalized just for you!   

    Booth Number: 179
  • Treasures of the High Seas

    Pirate shop   

    Booth Number: 156
  • Twiggs & Berries

    Twiggs & Berries creates Renaissance-style and contemporary codpieces, traveling hoods and antique key rings. No two designs alike. Let us help you discover the perfect adornment. Enjoy fabulous fun attire for the Festival or any special occasion.   

    Booth Number: 212
  • Twisted Spiders

    Twisted Spiders are uniquely handmade bejeweled spiders made of high quality beads, and our patented design. They are made wearable, as pendants, pins and hair clips, or can simply hang in a window or as an ornament. Twisted Spiders are available in various sizes and often feature body beads made of natural stone, crystal, or artisan glass. Come adopt one today!   

    Booth Number: C-138
  • Warts & Scales

    Wonderfully weird and whimsical polymer clay creations! Potion bottles, mugs, tins, fairy houses, pendants and many more unique items featuring dragon eyes, mermaid scales and even a gnome or two!   

    Booth Number: 338
  • Whirlwood Magic Wands

    Hand-crafted hardwood magic wands from a duo of fine artists, for witches and wizards of all magical persuasions. Leather wand sheaths.   

    Booth Number: NG-14