The Renaissance Festival is Arizona’s winter destination for quality entertainment. The village comes to life with costumed characters recreating a 16th century marketplace, including the Queen and her court. In addition, the fourteen Festival stages have ongoing performances by Festival favorites.

Adam Crack, Fire Whip Show

From musical whips and exploding soda cans to flaming whips it is easy to see why Adam holds multiple Guinness World Records. All ages will be impressed by his amazing skills, Adam truly is a Whip Master.

Ancient Art of Falconry

A variety of birds-of-prey, some endangered, display the unique skills that enraptured nobles long ago and made falconry the sport of kings.

The Angels

Heroines in Disguise are a singing, sword-fighting, and comedic adventure show! These ladies are on a mission to both empower and entertain as each tale they tell contains a heartfelt message disguised in witty innuendo and geeky puns. Be sure to check the ratings warning as their missions range from family-friendly fun to wildly nerdy and dirty loose cannon comedy!

Barely Balanced

They’re back, diving through fire, hurling machetes, and testing the limits of natural selection! Don’t miss seeing your favorite acrobats endanger their lives in this hilarious, award winning show. The day starts with their “Sharp Knives and Stupid Humans Extravaganza” and ends with the incredible “Fire Finale”. Come laugh, cheer, and become a part of the action!

Bathos the Muse

As a traditional minstrel, Bathos entertains his audience with stories and songs both thoughtful and amusing.

Cirque de Sewer

Cirque du Sewer- the acrobat with rats and cats! As seen on ABC’s “The Gong Show”, physical performer/ rope walker Melissa and her trained animals perform stunts together that will change your ideas of what rats and cats are capable of!