Immerse your students into the 16th century!


The Arizona Renaissance Festival gives students a chance to do more than just read about the 16th Century...WE LET THEM EXPERIENCE IT!
The Renaissance ideas that laid foundation for later inventions are still evident and influential today. Today's THINKERS, DREAMERS, INVENTORS are pushing the boundaries of what is known into the unknown; who knows what their discoveries will become?
Remember, Da Vinci knew flight was possible when no one else did...There are Da Vinci's of today just about to emerge...with new ideas and dreams for the future. SciTech and the Arizona Renaissance Festival enable students to see the connection between past, present and BEYOND!

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The Arizona Renaissance Festival brings to life the language, science, arts, engineering, and overall ambiance of the 16th Century village marketplace.  Immerse yourself into the world of Royals, peasants, Galileo, Medicis, Shakespeare and so much more on two special weekdays each season to accommodate students and teachers who wish to experience a very distinctive field trip opportunity.
With its 30-acre theatrical European market village, the Arizona Renaissance Festival Student Days offer a unique opportunity to bring an important era in history to life.  Student Days were created to highlight the educational aspects of the Renaissance; language, science, exploration, mannerisms, customs, commedia theatre, jousting tournaments, artisan demonstrations and music are just some of the learning opportunities that await your students.

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Student Days at the Arizona Renaissance Festival!

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