• Anise Designs

    Fantasy based art and adornments inspired by nature. Anise Designs strives to create unique and whimsical products so that patrons may bring a bit of magic home with them.   

    Booth Number: 214C
  • Anwyn ilo Art

    Illustrative works that explore the natural world with botanical designs that range from realism to delightfully whimsical   

    Booth Number: TH-20
  • Art of Mys

    Handbound journals   

    Booth Number: 186
  • Dutch Papermaker

    Handmade paper and all things made from handmade paper (like books, writing paper, lanterns, entombed flowers, art paper, paper dice, journals, illuminations, reliquaries, paper castings, paper bowls).   

    Booth Number: 343? Demonstrations: Continuously through-out the day
  • Lady Chamberlin Books

    Need a book to help you forge your own sword? Paper patterns to sew a new bum roll? Has your quill split, or your inkwell run dry? Buy the next volume in your favorite fantasy series signed by a local author, indulge the young at heart with The Witch's Cottage scratch-and-sniff story, brush up on the full uncensored Grimms' folk stories, learn to Brew Like a Monk, replace your most-used tarot deck. This and much, much more.   

    Demonstrations: Readings, calligraphy demonstrations and story time all possibilities, to be arranged.
  • Medieval Mapmaker

    Maps of all kinds, carefully hand-crafted in the olde world style.   

  • Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art

    I create fantasy artwork based on dragons, faerie tales, mythology and my own ideas. At my shop we sell prints, canvasses, original art & merchandise based on my artwork, These include embroidered dragons bags, dragon statues, ornaments, stickers, dragon journals and much more! Come by and get your artwork signed by me for free.   

    Booth Number: 241 Demonstrations: I\'m working all day drawing or painting on art between signing art for patrons.
  • The Butterfrog

    Art prints   

    Booth Number: 131
  • The Rabbit Hero

    Storyblocks depicting various original, mythological, and historical characters and settings, used to create modular comic book-style sculptures.