• Chime-a-lot

    Windchimes; stoneware chimes and figurines ( mushrooms, dragons ,birds, and animals ) attached to 100 year old recycled grapevine wood hung with leather or chain. Stoneware wheel thrown mugs with storyline carved drawings. All one of a kind. Also stoneware bells and flowers.   

    Booth Number: 240 Demonstrations: All day.. and apon request have a chime built specifically for the customer.
  • Clay Maiden

    Don't go alone, take a gnome! Calling all travelers for some gnomies in need of homies. Adopt a gnome, or forage an array of mushroom decor at Clay Maiden. Inspired by nature and the desire to explore it, Clay Maiden hand crafts ceramics and pottery to awaken the adventurous side of you.   

    Booth Number: TH-15
  • Cricket Hill Pottery

    Rich & Liz produce one of a kind "Art Pottery" as well as clay sculptures. Ruth Brown produces small sculptures made from organic materials found locally as well as the midwest   

    Booth Number: 129 Demonstrations: Various times throughout the day
  • Gongfu Life (Caina Tea)

    We offer authentic gongfu-style loose-leaf teas and tea sets.   

    Booth Number: SF-07
  • Irie Lights

    Hand-made freestanding, long lasting scented candles,incense, decorative tiles, and functional pottery - all original designs, and many proprietary fragrances   

    Booth Number: 183
  • roblindsaypottery

    Decorative and functional kitchen wares that are durable for your everyday needs. We have casserole and Pie dishes, 32 ounce bowls with handles, cups, pitchers pourers, serving bowls and much, much more.   

    Booth Number: 214A Demonstrations: 11am, 1pm, 3pm
  • Traveler's Treasures

    Souvenir shop   

    Booth Number: 101, 165, 202
  • Whimsey Winks

    Whimsical sculpture hand made from polymer clay.   

    Booth Number: 223 Demonstrations: Informal demonstrations throughout the day.