Planning an Event? Seeking a 'Party like it's 1599' atmosphere?

It is all in the Details-so-If you're looking for a unique setting for your next company outing, family gathering, retirement, birthday celebration, or wedding, there are few venues that compare to the Renaissance Festival. You can host a great party with delicious food in the Village Green, plus offer your guests a full day of all the fun that the Renaissance Festival offers!
Book your event any Saturday, Sunday or Pres.' Day during our Festival Season.

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Did YOU know?
During the 16th C dinner would take place in the Great Hall, whether in one of the royal palaces or the castle of a nobleman, the highest-ranking people sat at the top table, raised on a dais, with other tables arranged at right angles. A strict order of hierarchy was adhered to, with the higher-ranking people sitting at the table to the right hand of the top table, on both sides, moving down to the lowest ranking present at the furthest end of the table to the left of the top table.
To make sure everyone was seated correctly, books of etiquette gave elaborate orders of precedence, even including instructions for the seating of the pope’s foster-parents – woe betide the hostess whose steward got it wrong!  Off with his head!