• Ancient Arts


    Booth Number: 160
  • Celtic Dragon Blacksmith Shoppe

    Hand forged and heirloom quality ornamental and functional ironwork.   

    Booth Number: 152A Demonstrations: All day and by request.
  • Coin Strike

    Hand crafted fine medallions forged with a Leonardo Da' Vinci style coin hammer. Choose your two favorite images to be minted on bronze, pewter, silver or vermeil.   

    Booth Number: 166 Demonstrations: Frequently and regularly throughout the day.
  • Copper Garden

    Copper sculpture   

    Booth Number: 168
  • Dragon Forge Experience

    You Become The Blacksmith! Take part in the coolest experience you can do at 2,000 degrees! Hammer, twist, shape, form, and work unique metal pieces right from the mouth of our real fire breathing dragons! Forge your next adventure. Let's Get Hammered Arizona!   

    Booth Number: 190 Demonstrations: All Day
  • Gentry Jewelry

    Handcrafted solid sterling silver made by Master Silversmith Jennifer Van Swol. We offer rings, earrings, cuffs, toe rings, bracelets, joined bracelets, pendants, and charms made with natural and semi-precious stones. We also offer custom builds, sizings, and special orders made with precious stones and gold.   

    Booth Number: 174
  • Honorable Company of Metalsmiths

    With over 40 years of experience, we are proud to have created the largest selection of hand crafted puzzle rings as well as a wide selection of pewter talisman, Celtic, and Victorian jewelry. We also handcraft several Historical Scientific Nautical Instruments including the original celestial navigational tool, the Astrolabe. Our instruments were featured on The Discovery Channel's show How its Made.   

    Booth Number: 109 Demonstrations: Continuously
  • Iron Grip Blacksmithing

    Traditional ironwork hand forged by local artisans . we forge everything from simple items to damascus knives and swords. we make sculptures but also everyday items like spatulas and meat turners for your bbq.   

    Demonstrations: all day

    DISCOVER dynamic, beautiful sculptural designs, jewelry and Celtic knotwork, chess sets, novels, sealing wax and seals, silly pins, Norse runes and much more!   

    Booth Number: 301
  • Lady Artisan

    Discover Lady Artisan's unique pewter and bronze hand-made creations designed to please the eye and add joy to your life. Experience the cooling and warming delight of Lady Artisan Body tubes. You will wonder how you ever lived without one. Sculptures, drinking vessels, flasks and other metal creations are designed with you in mind. Please stop by and visit with our knowledgeable and friendly staff.   

    Booth Number: 318
  • Medieval Metal

    Renaissance Jewelry and Hair Accessories.   

    Booth Number: 189

    We feature handcrafted bronze & silver locking barrettes that actually hold your hair. We also offer simple circlets for that elvenish/warrior look and One of A Kind tiaras/crowns for the royal feeling.   

    Booth Number: TY-14
  • Sozra Gallery of Jewelry, Art and Music

    John and Debby Sosnowsky have been creating, designing and handcrafting Jewelry, Art & Music full time since 1980. They work with Niobium, Silver, Mixed Metals and Semi-precious Stones and Crystals. Their jewelry is soldered, forged, fabricated and riveted into one of a kind art pieces. John's Art and Music are unique expressions of many inspirations from within. He creates original paintings as well as prints, with a sacred geometry theme twisting beyond nature and space.   

    Demonstrations: Random
  • Timeless Designs

    Timeless Designs Featuring fine handcrafted sterling silver jewelry incorporating traditional historic design elements while still embracing modern influences and techniques. We take pride in offering a large assortment of jewelry including both feminine and masculine rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. We incorporate timeless designs such as the Irish claddagh, Celtic knotwork, Mjolnir, and the Tree of Life. We work with a variety of natural gemstones including garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, and an assortment of semi-precious gems such as moonstone, blue chalcedony, labradorite, charoite, jasper, and onyx. We only have real pearls. We also use some lab created gems in our continued effort to offer fine jewelry at an affordable price. Timeless Designs is a small family run business based in Telluride, Colorado but we only sell at the Renaissance Festival.   

    Booth Number: 134
  • WildSteel Kingscraft

    Steel wall hangings   

    Booth Number: 316
  • Wild Steel Roses

    Steel roses   

    Booth Number: TH-16
  • WyredWorks

    Two and three dimensional wire tree sculptures set on many types of wood. Manybtrees are also set on boxes, book ends and knick knacks. Included as well, are tree inspired necklaces, braided wire cuff bracelets and pins/brooches.   

    Booth Number: 200