• ArtsMyths

    Artsmyths established in 2005, creates unique theatrical leather masks, headdresses, and accouterments. We are a mother and daughter team that make one of a kind wearable art in Denver, Colorado! We try to keep a small carbon footprint, we have solar panels, we repurpose unwanted items into art, and make the most out of our medium. Our mission is to continue to be creative, innovative, and awe inspiring!   

    Booth Number: 121
  • Blonde Swan Hats

    "Our hats turn heads!" Wondrous works of wearable fashion and fanciful feather artistry. Our hats are handcrafted by artisans using the best premium leathers sourced throughout the world. Visit us at booth 164, you'll see hats you've never seen before!   

    Booth Number: 164
  • Boar's Head Leather, LLC

    Established in 1999 we are leather craftsman who hand make the finest leather mugs and cups suitable for your favorite HOT or cold beverage. Also, journals, business card cases, book marks, hair barrettes, belts, mug straps, key chains, checkbook covers, pouches and so much more. Stop by and say hi, we'd love to meet you. Tom & Terry   

    Booth Number: 334 Demonstrations: No specific times, just all day as people are interested in how we hand tool our leather mugs.
  • Catskill Mountain Moccasins

    Custom hand made moccasins made from a cast of your feet and legs. Our work is truly wearable art and will be the most comfortable footwear you will ever own!   

    Booth Number: 315
  • Celtic Leatherworks

    Celtic Leatherworks is an artisan leather accessory business, focusing on Celtic, Viking, and Mythical designs. Each piece is handcrafted one at a time, and each is one of a kind. We create these designs and feature them on traditional sporran bags, flask holders, armbands, cuffs, barrettes, bookmarks, and we size and fit our handmade leather belts right in the shop, for each and every customer!   

    Booth Number: 217
  • D&U Leather Mugs

    Makers of fyne leather mugs and mug accessories! Our design is based off the Roving Jack Tars, using paraffin wax to provide a water tight vessel. Backed with a lifetime warranty!   

    Booth Number: 313
  • Dragon Hatchery

    DragonHatchery dragons are all handmade and one of a kind. We make them in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Each dragon is equipped with clip for hair a hat and many other things   

    Booth Number: C-134
  • Grichels

    Grichels are mythical beings that exist in everyday objects to keep an eye on things and bring joy to those around them. Combining unique leatherworking techniques she learned from a troll and her own creative take on life, Melissa Smith has been bringing Grichels into the world for over 20 years. Along with a few fellow conspirators, she works tirelessly on the Grichel Farm in southern Wisconsin preparing Grichels for adoption. To join the growing number of families around the world who have given a Grichel a good, caring home, stop by our shop or find us year-round on Etsy.   

    Booth Number: 172
  • K & R Armory

    Leather armor   

    Booth Number: 137-A
  • New Pterodactyl Leather

    Leather goods   

    Booth Number: 162
  • Osborne Leather

    Leather goods   

    Booth Number: 184
  • Rose and Thorn Armory

    We are makers of some of the finest armor in the land That is incredibly beautiful and tough. Come in and try something on, It's always more fun to wear than to look at in our shop.   

    Booth Number: 181 Demonstrations: Whenever you put on a piece of armor that is properly fitted. We will give you a beating.
  • Satori Masks

    Satori Masks & Wild Calling Arts offers hand cut, hand formed, and hand painted leather masks, crowns, collars, and cuffs inspired by mythology, folklore, fantasy fiction, science fiction, and fairy tales.   

    Booth Number: 209
  • Windwalker Fine footwear

    At Windwalker, we make custom made, custom fitted one-of-a-kind wearable art footwear as well as handmaking a wide range of ready - to - wear boots, shoes and sandals. Our prices start at $95 and go up according to the height of the boot and amount of artwork.   

    Booth Number: 136
  • Wylde Phoenix Leather

    Leather clothing and accessories, all made in house. Many custom color options available. Bodices, harnesses, dusters, jerkins, kilts, Viking belts, street belts, pouches, bags, sword frogs, mug straps, roses, and more.   

    Booth Number: 116 Demonstrations: All day