• Apothacoffee Roasting Co

    We offer small batch, fresh roasted coffee beans for home use. The roastery is on wheels, so wherever we are, we are local, but we move around the country. Our coffee selection ranges from central and South American, to Indonesian and African. Single origins and blends, light roast to dark roast. We have something for everyone's coffee desires.   

  • Busch Fine Art Studios

    Hand carved bone and fossil ivory   

    Booth Number: 222
  • Crysalis Hammocks

    Handwoven and hand dyed hammock chairs designed by Terri Koithan   

    Booth Number: 320 Demonstrations: Continuous
  • Dreamstress Tapestry

    Pillows of all shape and variety. Ornate tapestry wall hangings, many of which are reproductions of Renaissance masters, Art Nouveau and western artists. Bell pulls and lavender sachets created by one woman whose craft spans over 50 years.   

    Booth Number: 215 Demonstrations: Hand sewing all day between sales until 5 pm.
  • Iron Ladle Kitchen

    A variety of infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars, accompanied by a host of other specialty ingredients for your kitchen!   

  • Medieval Mixes

    We have Delicious Cheese Ball and Dip Mixes. Largest selection in the known world. Over 50 flavors to choose from. Be sure to Taste our Free Samples.   

    Booth Number: 337
  • Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art

    I create fantasy artwork based on dragons, faerie tales, mythology and my own ideas. At my shop we sell prints, canvasses, original art & merchandise based on my artwork, These include embroidered dragons bags, dragon statues, ornaments, stickers, dragon journals and much more! Come by and get your artwork signed by me for free.   

    Booth Number: 241 Demonstrations: I\\\'m working all day drawing or painting on art between signing art for patrons.
  • Sky Chairs

    Hanging canvas chairs   

    Booth Number: 112
  • SOL PRISMS Suncatchers

    SOL PRISMS offers unique, hand beaded, one of a kind pieces . They make wonderful gifts for yourself or for loved ones. The prisms will refract the sunlight, and project rainbows into your environment! Perfect for your home, office, porch, or automobile. We offer all sizes, from small ornaments to the extra large for the biggest brightest statement piece. These suncatchers will bring light and joy into any space, when placed in the line of sunshine. At night we like to refer to them as moon catchers! For even in the night, the light from the moon or your interior will still highlight the magical and beautiful glint of light and color. These prices are created to enhance any environment.   

    Booth Number: SF-15
  • Stonewick

    Stone and wood home goods   

    Booth Number: 151
  • The Clove & Hive

    Honey and bee products   

    Booth Number: 204
  • Where the Gods Live

    Hand carved drinking horns   

    Booth Number: 341