The Renaissance Festival is Arizona's winter destination for quality entertainment. The village comes to life with costumed characters recreating a 16th century marketplace, including the Queen and her court. In addition, the 16 Festival stages have ongoing performances by Festival favorites.

Adam Crack, Fire Whip Show

From musical whips and exploding soda cans to flaming whips it is easy to see why Adam holds multiple Guinness World Records. All ages will be impressed by his amazing skills, Adam truly is a Whip Master.

Ancient Art of Falconry

A variety of birds-of-prey, some endangered, display the unique skills that enraptured nobles long ago and made falconry the sport of kings.

The Angels

Heroines in Disguise are a singing, sword-fighting, and comedic adventure show! These ladies are on a mission to both empower and entertain as each tale they tell contains a heartfelt message disguised in witty innuendo and geeky puns. Be sure to check the ratings warning as their missions range from family-friendly fun to wildly nerdy and dirty loose cannon comedy!

Barely Balanced

They're back, diving through fire, hurling machetes, and testing the limits of natural selection! Don't miss seeing your favorite acrobats endanger their lives in this hilarious, award winning show. The day starts with their "Sharp Knives and Stupid Humans Extravaganza" and ends with the incredible "Fire Finale". Come laugh, cheer, and become a part of the action!

Bathos the Muse

As a traditional minstrel, Bathos entertains his audience with stories and songs both thoughtful and amusing.

Cirque du Sewer

Cirque du Sewer- the acrobat with rats and cats! As seen on ABC's "The Gong Show", physical performer/ rope walker Melissa and her trained animals perform stunts together that will change your ideas of what rats and cats are capable of!

The CRAIC Show

This Celtic steampunk barbarian blended band of minstrels features roguish vocals, rhythmic mandolin, harmonizing violin, intense percussion and blaring bagpipes. The CRAIC Show is a fresh, high energy, heavy medieval good time! See them on the Mêlée Stage.

We are CROFT

Our goal is to promote fellowship while researching the lifestyles and trades appropriate to the Celtic Peoples from 400 BC until 1746 AD. Although most members claim Scots, Irish or Welsh ancestry and do Celtic re-enactment, participation is open to anyone with an interest in period crafting, living history and entertainment, no matter what his/her ethnicity.

The Danseries

Performing historical dances from royal courts of the Renaissance, the troupe recreates the dances of old. The dances performed range from round dances to include children, to intricate couples dances designed to woo. Watch if you like, or join in the fun! The Danseries can teach you courtly dances of the era. This troup can be found behind Middleshire Stage. Hope to see you this and every year!

The Ded Bob Show

Bob may be “ded” but with the help of his assistant, Sluj, he’s funnier than ever! Join his audience as he tickles your funny bone, turning his audience into “bobzombies”.

Don Juan & Miguel

The charming Prince of Spain and his faithful man servant have traveled to Fairhaven as ambassadors from their native land. The great swordsman and master of the whip will amaze and amuse with tales of the duo’s many adventures.

Don Quixote

Don Quixote, reimagined, combines the world famous elements of Cervantes’ classic novel with an upbeat comic twist. Positive, energetic, and kid-accessible; he patrols the lanes protecting patrons from giants, dragons, and monsters. Don't be surprised if he enlists your help to serenade someone, attack a monster disguised as a rock or tree, or perform a noble deed in the honor of Lady Dulcinea!

Fairhaven Morris Dancers

Bells! Axe Handles! Razor-sharp handkerchiefs! See this locally-based English Folk Dance troupe. Morris Dancing is a proud English tradition and they love performing traditional dances with a 'Fairhaven' spin. Morris may be their specialty but keep a look out for their Hobby Horse, Danse Macabre and Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance, all during the Festival day!


Fireflicker is a curious young dragon who wanders the streets of the festival looking for shiny things to hoard, and is always excited to meet all the knights and princesses of the realm. They may even share some dragon gold with those who also have magic in their hearts!

Ghazaal Beledi World Music & Dance

Ghazaal Beledi is a world fusion and tribal belly dance troupe with choreographies ranging from Middle Eastern belly dance, East Indian Bhangra, Bollywood and Rajasthani, and Spanish-influenced skirt and fan dances, to props such as sword and fire, Ghazaal Beledi is a high-energy fusion of passion, music and fun!

Green Man

Watch for Cliff Spenger's Green Man as it is a delight to behold. Equal parts mythical and environmental, the Green Man is a great opportunity for family tree photos.

The Gwendolyn Show

An interactive comedy show – part story telling, part audience participation, all hilarious! Join Gwendolyn as she regales audiences with her “unique” version of popular fairy tales, attempts to answer any question the audience throws at her, figures out what she wants to be when she grows up, and generally learns about life!

Hey Nunnie Nunnie

Mother Redempta and Sister Philomenia of the Sisterhood of the Wailing Souls have come to offer counsel to the visitors to the village. In their reverently irreverent way they will have you wailing with laughter.

Iron Hill Vagabonds

Rousing pub songs, dancing fiddle tunes, and ballads that will pluck at your heartstrings, all delivered with tight sibling harmonies. The traditional Irish music of Iron Hill Vagabonds, will be sure to bring a joy that may last a lifetime.

Jamila Lotus

The Jamila Lotus Dance Carnivale performs fast-paced, original choreography and feats of balance and daring, featuring the live music of their dynamic Band of Eternal Souls! This limited-seating show appears four times daily at the rollicking Dancing Pig Pub at the entrance to the Joust Arena!

Jeremiah Wiggins

Jeremiah offers intimate power through story telling and the magic of fairyland placed directly in patrons hands through close up illusion.

Jerome: King of the Fools

Fairhaven's resident oddball, Jerome blends a combination of family circus entertainment with amazing performances of awe and wonder (among them: Bear-Trap Juggling!). Learn the ways of the Jester from the King of Fools himself, or simply sit back and watch his unforgettable display! All are welcome!

The Jousters

The Jousters ignite all the spectacle and pageantry of the chivalric age. Armored knights compete in a three-part jousting tournament, a true test of skill, courage and horsemanship. Cheer your champions as they battle for the highest score in the original sport of Kings! Each joust is unique and an authentic quest for victory…until the end of final joust, where tempers flare and they perform a realistic recreation of a fight to the death!

Juggling Geoff Marsh

A showman who is devoted to expanding upon the wonderment of children and adults, Juggling Geoff Marsh! He is a juggler, physical comedian, puppeteer, international champion street performer and variety entertainer that is both mesmerizing and enchanting. Come and join the master of mayhem and witness the flurry of fire that is Juggling Geoff Marsh!

Knotty Nauticals - Travis Dewey and Alicia Grant

Join Pirate Shantyman and Bonnie Lass, in a non stop fun and crowd interactive comedy show! Filled with amazing fire eating, rope walking, and comedy their show delights all! Last show is Naughty and Rated LC!

Lady Prudence

Lady Prudence, the Court Composer, sings Songs for All Occasions! Prepare to join the band with percussion for a peppy tune, or relax to a dulcet lullaby with lilting harp and sweet soprano. Meet her under her tree near the Royal Pavilion for a bit of song and to earn her Favour! For more information, see

Lady Tess, The Countess Trueheart

As the Fashion Advisor to Nobility, Lady Tess gives presentations to all visiting Noble Persons. For ladies, she explains a lady’s toilette--the bathing, hair dressing, and application of make-up; and shall explain and demonstrate the garments and accessories worn by Noblewomen. For gentlemen, she explains proper tonsorial care; and shall explain and demonstrate the garments and accessories worn by all men of Noble birth.

The Langer's Ball

This two-piece Irish Folk-punk band, has been writing, touring and performing for over a decade. Playing their own brand of traditional pub songs and original material, their sound is harder-hitting and bigger than you’d expect it ever could be. With a thumping beat and a flurry of notes and harmonies, you’ll dash to fill your mug and cheer for more.

The London Broil Show

The London Broil “Core Audience” cheers as three comical comrades juggle with knives, clubs, and fire! AJ, Louie and Matt have performed thousands of shows together and have the perfect recipe for a hilarious, charming and innovative mix of free-flow comedy and spectacular team juggling. The London Broil Show: Comedy and Juggling, Well Done.

The Lynx Show

The Lynx Show is a unique blend of magic, sword swallowing and comedy. Lynx is a veteran when it comes to performing at Renaissance festivals across the country. Not only is there audience interaction and participation but a strong positive message at the end. From death defying feats of amazement to bewildering moments that just can't be explained, The Lynx Show is sure to thrill you! So, don't miss out, be part of the fun!

Manticore Consort

Manticore Consort takes you through time with an intriguing array of music featuring their favorite instrument, the hurdy gurdy. From classics of the Medieval and Renaissance, to traditional Celtic and Folk favorites, their blend of sounds and songs will tempt your ears, and leave you wanting to hear more.

Mother & Father Goose

Meet Mother & Father Goose and their feathered friends. Drop by to say hello or stay to pet or hug their beautiful loving birds.

Harpist Sarah Mullen

Sarah performs traditional dance tunes on the harp. Sarah can be found in the streets of Fairhaven each year.

Niblick & Mashie – Heralds of MyeBumm

Come and enjoy the witty and absurd banter of your favorite father and son town heralds! Laugh until your cheeks hurt as they regale you with stories from the small town of MyeBumm. Prepare to enjoy the Festival’s BEST number two show!

The Puppies of Penzance

This brisk, energetic act takes audiences on a jolly trip on a pirate ship manned by pups. Always a favorite, audiences will be blown away by this merry band of mutts and will watch with baited breath to see if Poochie will really walk the plank.

The Rambling Sailors

Set sail on a nautical adventure filled with Sea Shanties!

Randal Piper

A glimpse into the musical mind of chaos, Randal Piper makes his debut playing the streets and stages with some of his intergalactically renowned critical hits, some of which are so spontaneous they haven't been written yet! Come out for the tunes, stay for a 'Riggle Do' or two and leave with some Bardic Inspiration!

The Raven

Raven is a visual splash that draws audiences into a realm of eggstrordinary feats of magic, balance, and lunacy.

The Sea Fairies ~ Living Mermaids!!

Witness the wonder of lovely and charming creatures of the deep sea, the Living Mermaids. Transported to our village by Captain Kidd and his Privateer crew, the mermaids are curious to learn about life on the land and have come to Fairhaven to enjoy the celebration. Don't miss these magical merfolk, a topic of legend and lore!

Shamus the Insulter

Shamus wanders the lanes offering his impressive services as a professional insulter. His fabulously pointed barbs will leave you laughing long after he has disappeared!

Statue Comedius de Marbleous

There are many Living Statues, but there is only one Lively Statue and his name is Comedius de Marbleous. Keep an eye out for this Living Marble Marvel. He has an aversion to pigeons, but he's not camera shy at all. He's all about photo ops with young, old, and those as ancient as he (he was sculpted in 1457).


A band on the edge that fills a much needed niche in Celtic music performance, taking tunes out of the session and into the sensational with their own brand of humor and theatrics. This is not just music... this is an interactive spectacle brought to you by... MEN WITHOUT PANTS!

Three Guys & a Bunch of Drums

The magic is in the title, these three men will dazzle you with their percussion skills and energetic attitudes. Always fun for the whole family!

Tortuga Twins

Outrageously unpredictable and unstoppably hilarious, these three twins tell tales with the participation of the audience. Adults will enjoy the twists in familiar stories like Robin Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Twig the Fairy

Twig is a curious, lively woodland sprite who embodies childlike innocence and wonder. Her bashful mannerisms and graceful flitting movement create a whimsical space that she warmly invites everyone to share.

Washing Well Wenches

Love, Laugh, Launder... Repeat. Doing the laundry has never been so much fun! Come for some good clean fun with two wet, dirty women! Gerty and Sprout will be putting men to work for a full half hour, giving the ladies of the Village a well-deserved break. Bring your beer and someone special... or just bring your beer. And remember, what happens at the washpit, stays at the washpit."

The Wyld Men

The Wyld Men present a hilarious, fun-for-all ages feast for the imagination that stands alone in the comedic landscape. Come see this rollicking ‘Live Cartoon’ with its riveting rhythmic soundtrack, wacky sounds, captivating slow-motion fights and astounding and magical muddy special effects!

Zilch the Torysteller

With tales like "Jomeo & Ruliet" and "Tairy Fales", you'll hang on his every word, enjoying stories told “trippingly on the tongue”.