• Adventure Armoury

    Wooden swords and shields   

    Booth Number: 236, 140
  • Arizona Birds of Play

    Hand painted terracotta bird whistles   

    Booth Number: Th 07
  • Burnt Mountain Crafts

    Wooden swords and shields   

    Booth Number: 305, HL-03
  • Dancing Wings


    Booth Number: HL-18
  • Dragon Pets

    Dragon Pets are expertly handcrafted. Our one-of-a-kind bendable creations are adored by both the young and young at heart for their quality and fine detailing. We are a family owned and operated business. Made in the USA. So head to our store or visit one of our booths and adopt your very own dragon today   

    Booth Number: SF01 Demonstrations: All business hours
  • Fairy Flair

    Unique whimsical clothing for all ages! Each garment has Fairy Flair style and fits Size 0 to 2X   

    Booth Number: 410
  • Fairy Haven

    Fairy wings   

    Booth Number: TY-09
  • Folklore Face Painting

    At Folklore Face Painting we want to bring children young, and young at heart, into the world of fantasty and folklore. We have a wide range of face and body art to choose from, including wizards, mermaids, and the surpsingly popular, curse of eyeballs! We paint children of all ages, if they will sit we will find a painting to fit! People leave the booth covered in glitter and gems, ready for their own fairytale to begin.   

    Booth Number: Tbd Demonstrations: All day every day!
  • House of Bubbles

    Bubble wands   

    Booth Number: NG-06
  • Magical Butterflies

    Butterfly wands   

    Booth Number: TH-13
  • Pixie Point

    Fairy wings   

    Booth Number: NG-07
  • Scarlett's Whimsies Traditional Toys

    Wooden toys   

    Booth Number: 104
  • Schwartz Fyne Minerals

    We sell collectable rocks, crystals and minerals for novice to refined collectors. We carry everything from tumbled stones to home decor pieces to rare cabinet specimens. We have a gemstone mine that enables people of all ages to experience the thrills of digging rocks with guaranteed satisfaction.   

    Demonstrations: mining regularly
  • The Enchanted Hat

    Children's costumes   

    Booth Number: 105 & 317
  • The Greyhound Guild

    Come relax and destress with our furry friends. We offer free pets and unconditional love from our greyhound companions!   

    Booth Number: 345 Demonstrations: throughout the entire Festival day
  • Young At Heart

    Skilled craftsmen at Young At Heart have been making unique, handcrafted toys and personalized gifts since 1980. Our back massagers are made from high quality hardwoods and all our products are finished with non-toxic, childsafe paints and stains. Stop by and pick a personalized heirloom quality gift during your visit to the festival!zkk   

    Demonstrations: All day