• Candle Dipping

    Dip your own candlesticks the traditional way. Do it thyself!   

  • Irie Lights

    Hand-made freestanding, long lasting scented candles,incense, decorative tiles, and functional pottery - all original designs, and many proprietary fragrances   

    Booth Number: 183
  • The Royal Candle Maker

    We are the dippers and carvers of our own unique brand of refillable, carved, and scenery candles. Come design and order your own custom candle, and watch our wonderous wizardry of wax and wick each weekend at the Arizona Renaissance Festival!   

    Booth Number: 329 Demonstrations: Demonstrations are performed from opening cannon until about 1.5 hours before closing cannon
  • Wax Hands

    Wax hands   

    Booth Number: 227