• Aeris Dea

    Fine handmade copper jewelry for every goddess! We create unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair accessories embellished with freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones, just for you!   

    Booth Number: 111
  • Anwyn ilo Art

    Illustrative works that explore the natural world with botanical designs that range from realism to delightfully whimsical   

    Booth Number: TH-20
  • ArtsMyths

    Artsmyths established in 2005, creates unique theatrical leather masks, headdresses, and accouterments. We are a mother and daughter team that make one of a kind wearable art in Denver, Colorado! We try to keep a small carbon footprint, we have solar panels, we repurpose unwanted items into art, and make the most out of our medium. Our mission is to continue to be creative, innovative, and awe inspiring!   

    Booth Number: 121
  • Brooke Barboza Jewelry

    Not just jewelry. . . Brooke's work is fabricated mostly at night in a sleep deprived frenzy whilst her children are asleep. Her work is wrought from 14k gold, sterling silver sheet and wire. Depth and texture are created using brushed and oxidized finishes. High quality natural gemstones such as opal, tourmaline, sapphire and tanzanite accent these beautiful, wearable pieces of art.   

    Booth Number: 187
  • Buxom Pearls by Lady Castellana

    Freshwater pearls   

    Booth Number: 304
  • Coin Strike

    Hand crafted fine medallions forged with a Leonardo Da' Vinci style coin hammer. Choose your two favorite images to be minted on bronze, pewter, silver or vermeil.   

    Booth Number: 166 Demonstrations: Frequently and regularly throughout the day.
  • Crow Nouveau

    We are the makers of beautiful handcrafted ornamental acorns, using a variety of acorn caps, copper, Swarovski beads and more, into a swirling piece of magic for your home and heart. Arleen also crafts beautiful, one of a kind leaves and acorns out of borosilicate glass using flame working torch techniques she has learned while studying at the Corning Studio in Upstate NY, at the world famous Corning Museum of Glass.   

  • Dancing Glass Beadwork

    A Kaleidoscope of Color in Fiber, Knotwork & Glass Beads for the Hair & Body. Including Hair Jewels, Circlets, Faerie Hair, Anklets, Bracelets, Wraplets, Necklaces & Earrings & More!   

  • Draecstone Glass

    Original artwork in stained and fused glass, representing a variety of methods and mixed-media. Diverse artistic creations in exquisite jewelry, unique functional ware, free-form window/wall art, and large panels. Timeless memorial cremains art and personalized commissions all created locally in Mesa, Arizona.   

    Booth Number: TH-03
  • Dragon Hatchery

    DragonHatchery dragons are all handmade and one of a kind. We make them in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Each dragon is equipped with clip for hair a hat and many other things   

    Booth Number: C-134
  • Dragon Pets

    Dragon Pets are expertly handcrafted. Our one-of-a-kind bendable creations are adored by both the young and young at heart for their quality and fine detailing. We are a family owned and operated business. Made in the USA. So head to our store or visit one of our booths and adopt your very own dragon today   

    Booth Number: SF01 Demonstrations: All business hours
  • Fairytale Fynery


    Booth Number: 115, NG-01, SF-10, HL-06, TY-06
  • Feather Tree Shop

    Hand Painted and Hand Dyed Silk to wear. Brightly colored, beautifully hand painted Art for your home, business and life. Come see how we do it! Talk with the Artist! Enjoy our Art demonstration and take home some Silk!   

    Booth Number: #180 Demonstrations: Starting by 12 am and throughout the day
  • Folklore Face Painting

    At Folklore Face Painting we want to bring children young, and young at heart, into the world of fantasty and folklore. We have a wide range of face and body art to choose from, including wizards, mermaids, and the surpsingly popular, curse of eyeballs! We paint children of all ages, if they will sit we will find a painting to fit! People leave the booth covered in glitter and gems, ready for their own fairytale to begin.   

    Booth Number: Tbd Demonstrations: All day every day!
  • Gentry Jewelry

    Handcrafted solid sterling silver made by Master Silversmith Jennifer Van Swol. We offer rings, earrings, cuffs, toe rings, bracelets, joined bracelets, pendants, and charms made with natural and semi-precious stones. We also offer custom builds, sizings, and special orders made with precious stones and gold.   

    Booth Number: 174
  • Gypsy Eyes Face Painting

    At Gypsy Eyes Face and Body Painting , We offer over 200 designs to choose from. Our choices range from a little splash of color and glitter , to the most silly and fun, to the most detailed and fanciful. We have something for everyone! FUN FOR ALL AGES! We are fast and efficient! Choose your design and step inside! You will be amazed! Our painter has over 38 years of experience. She has a special love for art, the festival, and mostly the patrons.   

    Booth Number: NG-10
  • Honorable Company of Metalsmiths

    With over 40 years of experience, we are proud to have created the largest selection of hand crafted puzzle rings as well as a wide selection of pewter talisman, Celtic, and Victorian jewelry. We also handcraft several Historical Scientific Nautical Instruments including the original celestial navigational tool, the Astrolabe. Our instruments were featured on The Discovery Channel's show How its Made.   

    Booth Number: 109 Demonstrations: Continuously
  • Indigo Turtle

    Handcrafted porcelain jewelry - heirloom quality materials, timeless designs that never go out of style. Soft white porcelain clay is transformed into colorful shimmering jewelry through the magic of James' hands & simple hand tools. Layers of color, shine & iridescence are built up through 4 separate kiln firings to create one-of-a-kind jewelry that is comfortable to wear and will never fade or tarnish.   

    Booth Number: 340 Demonstrations: Ongoing, except for lunch & coffee breaks.
  • Jiva Silk Originals

    Jiva means to live! We wrap our customers in fine silk scarves and fabric, the originals clothing. Bring out your inner nomad, vegabond, belly dancer, and twirl with us in our fine clothing. Fit for all people, with comfort.   

  • K. Dopita Studio

    DISCOVER dynamic, beautiful sculptural designs, jewelry and Celtic knotwork, chess sets, novels, sealing wax and seals, silly pins, Norse runes and much more!   

    Booth Number: 301
  • Knotty Lady

    I design and make silver Celtic Knot and one of a kind rings, pendants, and earrings. Many of the stones I set are uncommon but they are natural, cabochon cut stones.I do not sell online, so if you like to have a piece of jewelry speak to you stop by my booth.   

    Booth Number: 332
  • Lake Fairy Creations

    Fantasy Jewelry and Accessories   

    Booth Number: 208
  • Majestic Hair Flower

    Ancient design that moves to create many, many hairstyles   

    Booth Number: Th08 Demonstrations: All day. Come by and we\\\'ll show you.
  • Moonbeams

    We feature handcrafted bronze & silver locking barrettes that actually hold your hair. We also offer simple circlets for that elvenish/warrior look and One of A Kind tiaras/crowns for the royal feeling.   

    Booth Number: TY-14
  • Morgans Mane

    Handmade wood hair tools, sticks with crystals, combs, clips. Wood yarn tools, knitting needles, crochet hooks. Handmade yarnie wearables.   

  • Muses of Da'oud

    An inspired legacy. Handmade sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry designed by the late Da'oud Thompson. We continue his legacy with Muses of Da'oud. We specialize in the Lost Wax process, which allows us to feature designs with intricate details and spectacular and unique gemstones. Our works are inspired by history and nature, featuring Celtic, art nouveau, and organic designs.   

    Booth Number: 117 Demonstrations: Throughout the day
  • My Bella Luna

    Moon phase jewelry   

    Booth Number: HL-08
  • O-pinions In Bone

    Bone pins   

    Booth Number: 340A
  • Ravensburg Chainmaille

    Fine chain maille/scale maille jewelry and clothing for women and men.   

    Booth Number: 339
  • Real Rose Jewelry by Fleur du Jour

    Nature's own roses help create this enchanting, antique-like "Fleur-to-Wear." A twenty-five day preserving and hardening process transforms the delicate beauty of roses into a wearable art form. All jewelry is conceived and designed by Betty St. Clair with Sullivan Moore, specializing in marketing and production. Enjoy!   

    Booth Number: TH-09
  • Regal Amber

    Amber jewelry   

    Booth Number: 123
  • Satori Masks

    Satori Masks & Wild Calling Arts offers hand cut, hand formed, and hand painted leather masks, crowns, collars, and cuffs inspired by mythology, folklore, fantasy fiction, science fiction, and fairy tales.   

    Booth Number: 209
  • Shuck It Pearls

    Choose your mussel for pearls   

    Booth Number: 304A
  • Single Tree

    Hair adornments and flasks   

    Booth Number: 173
  • Sozra Gallery of Jewelry, Art and Music

    John and Debby Sosnowsky have been creating, designing and handcrafting Jewelry, Art & Music full time since 1980. They work with Niobium, Silver, Mixed Metals and Semi-precious Stones and Crystals. Their jewelry is soldered, forged, fabricated and riveted into one of a kind art pieces. John's Art and Music are unique expressions of many inspirations from within. He creates original paintings as well as prints, with a sacred geometry theme twisting beyond nature and space.   

    Booth Number: 211 Demonstrations: Random
  • Starlit Skies

    Wire Elf Ears crafted in Sterling, Copper or Brass, with Swarovski Crystals and Natural Stones. And other fine Jewelry as well as Suncatchers to allow your life to sparkle.   

    Booth Number: 312 Demonstrations: All day we do custom orders on the spot.
  • Sterling Toe Rings

    Toe rings   

    Booth Number: TH-11
  • The Crystal Underground

    Crystal jewelry   

    Booth Number: 139
  • The Gilded Plume

    Hair adornments   

    Booth Number: TY-13
  • Thy Name on a Grain of Rice

    I will hand write your name and draw a design on a single grain of rice. The rice is then placed in an oil-filled vial to magnify and preserve it. Once it is encapsulated, I will set it in your choice of necklace, bracelet, key chain or earrings. You then have a treasured keepsake that was personalized just for you!   

    Booth Number: 179
  • Timeless Designs

    Timeless Designs Featuring fine handcrafted sterling silver jewelry incorporating traditional historic design elements while still embracing modern influences and techniques. We take pride in offering a large assortment of jewelry including both feminine and masculine rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. We incorporate timeless designs such as the Irish claddagh, Celtic knotwork, Mjolnir, and the Tree of Life. We work with a variety of natural gemstones including garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, and an assortment of semi-precious gems such as moonstone, blue chalcedony, labradorite, charoite, jasper, and onyx. We only have real pearls. We also use some lab created gems in our continued effort to offer fine jewelry at an affordable price. Timeless Designs is a small family run business based in Telluride, Colorado but we only sell at the Renaissance Festival.   

    Booth Number: 134
  • Twiggs & Berries

    Twiggs & Berries creates Renaissance-style and contemporary codpieces, traveling hoods and antique key rings. No two designs alike. Let us help you discover the perfect adornment. Enjoy fabulous fun attire for the Festival or any special occasion.   

    Booth Number: 212
  • Uncommon Adornments

    Uncommon Adornments has been designing and handcrafting a unique line of Celtic and mythical jewelry since 1992, using a lost wax process. We create earrings and pendants, in silver and gold, using semi-precious stones. There are just a few of us who take part in the actual creation of our jewelry, from start to finish. We can be found solely at Renaissance Festivals around the US, bringing our jewelry to life every day with merriment and excitement!   

    Booth Number: 218
  • We're Knot Working

    Handmade Celtic knotwork bracelets and necklaces   

    Booth Number: SF13 Demonstrations: All day